Just Breathe and Be Vocal... It helps... with everything ;-)

Today I discovered that I need to be more vocal to get the best arousal.... with myself that is.

I thought back at all of the decisions I have made in the past regarding work, family, and friends. I found  one thing in common with each process. I tend to hold my breath while thinking through a proposal to come to a decision. Our brain needs oxygen to think clearly and to be aroused at the most optimum level. Why would I be holding my breath and try to be quiet at points that matter most?

Lesson learned for today... remember to take deep breaths whether you are making a decision of where you are going to go for coffee or whether you are going to date a particular person. Remember to be vocal whether it be words of gratification, opposition, or sounds made towards a pleasureful experience. You'll thank me later. ;-)


Desire O'Daily